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Bombshell’s Kritterkins Now Available From Their Webstore


Get ready for the cutest animal takeover ever! Bombshell Miniature’s Kritterkins are now available on the Bombshell webstore for you to build your fantasy warband.

Bombshell Shows Off The Adorable Usagi Kage Painted By Mary Profitt


You can still preorder Bombshell Miniautures’, Kritterkins, until September 1st, and they’re showing how irresistible they are with beautiful paint jobs. Here’s the adorable Usagi Kage, the samurai rabbit, painted by the super talented, Mary Profitt.

The Viking Sheildmaiden, Managara, Makes Her Way Into KritterKins


The last of the sculpts for Bombshell Miniatures, KritterKins project – including the must have sheildmaiden, Mangarra-have been completed.

Bombshell Shows Off Adorable Captain Kelpington


Can you think of a reason not to have a pirate otter in your miniature collection? Me neither! Thankfully Bombshell Miniatures is on the same page as they are showing off Captain Kelpington from their recent Kritterkins Kickstarter.

Last Week To Unlock Cuteness In Bombshell’s Kritterkins Kickstarter


There’s four more days left to back one of the cutest Kickstarters ever from Bombshell Miniatures. Kritterkins is pulling out all the stops with the last couple stretch goals including the very dangerous, Flint Eastwood!

Kritterkins Is Funded – Next Up, A Salty Sea Otter!


If you’re on the market for a pirate sea otter, then look no further. Bombshell Miniatures’ latest Kickstarter, Kritterkins, is funded and busting through stretch goals. Bring on the Kritter cuteness!

Bombshell Has Dropped Cuteness On Kickstarter With Kritterkins


If you love the idea of an animal warband, you really need to have a look at the latest Kickstarter from Bombshell Miniatures. Kritterkins- Animal Character Miniatures, features a fanciful collection of the cutest, Asian flair minis to add to your collection.

Bombshell Kritterkins Are Coming To Kickstarter April 25th


The countdown to Bombshell Miniature’s next Kickstarter is on. Kritterkins is launching on April 25th, and will bring an animal warband into tabletop gaming and your collections.