Conquer The Mighty Abraxa The Foul From Diehard Miniatures

May 18, 2020 by brennon

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Diehard Miniatures has released a new monster into the mix for their Fantasy collection. Here we have the terrifying Abraxa The Foul, Swamp Dragon. Will you head out to claim this beasts head?


These slithering dragons from the Black Mere are solitary creatures that slink through the still waters of the swamp in search of their prey. Over the years they have lost the ability to breathe fire and now instead belch forth noxious gases in order to render their prey senseless.


Whether or not these beasts are fitting trophies for your adventurers, well, that is up to you. Dragons tend to always get beaten up and slain in their dozens by adventurers through no fault of their own! Perhaps this particular beast is different and is simply protecting its territory. I imagine Abraxa didn't choose the name "The Foul" for example.

But, if such a beast has been dragging wanderers and travellers off the road into its swampy domain then it might need to be slain by your adventuring troupe.

What do you think?

"Will you head out to claim this beasts head?"

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