Black Site Discuss New Samurai Monster Hunting Game, Hametsu!

November 28, 2022 by brennon

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Black Site Studios are in the process of bringing its next miniatures wargame to the tabletop. Hametsu is a monster-hunting cooperative Fantasy game set in Feudal Japan and it has already got me very interested indeed!

Hametsu - Black Site Studios

Hametsu // Black Site Studios

Hamestu is set alongside the timeline of regular History and Feudal Japan but a cataclysmic event happens that throws everything out of the window. Rather than history progressing as it does in our reality, demons, monsters and all sorts of other creatures have torn their way into the world and now it is up to your band of adventurers to protect the people of Japan and send these creatures packing!

From what we know so far, Hametsu is going to be following the trend of previous Black Site releases and be focused on small boards packed with terrain. There will also be a heavy focus on narrative elements where, cooperatively, your hunters will sneak around locations, searching for clues as to what creature they are hunting. When the alarm is raised, all hell breaks loose and your hunters will have to take on deadly foes before finally, the boss is revealed and the showdown begins!

If you're interested in learning more about the development of Hametsu, Black Site are going to be documenting the process in their Behind The Game series...

The Story Of Hametsu: Episode 1 // Black Site Studios

They have already discussed some of the initial ideas and themes for the game and it's going to be interesting following the journey as this game comes to life. I am already liking the artwork and the snapshot of game mechanics has me intrigued. Monster hunting in Feudal Japan sounds epic!

Are you going to be following along with the development of Hametsu?

"Monster hunting in Feudal Japan sounds epic!"

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