Dwarven Armies Coming To OnePageRule’s Patreon In March

February 24, 2021 by brennon

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OnePageRules has announced that the start of March is going to herald the coming of a mighty Dwarven army via Patreon. The Age Of Fantasy pack for next month will be unleashing the fury of the mountains on your tabletop.

Dwarf Army - One Page Rules

Dwarf Army // OnePageRules

Much like with previous releases, there is going to be a hefty amount of options for you to play around with. You'll get the core of what you'd normally considered as frontline troops with Warriors armed with hand weapons and spears alongside some elite options too. Leading the way will be two different options for a Dwarf Lord.

Dwarf Lords - One Page Rules

Dwarf Lords // OnePageRules

You've got one option which comes with a double-handed weapon and another with twin axes at the ready. You get the sense that one of these is a little more measured whilst the other is a berserker who is willing to throw themselves into the fray.

We also mentioned those Warriors who are going to be sitting at the core of your army.

Dwarf Warriors - One Page Rules

Dwarf Warriors // OnePageRules

Clad in chainmail and with hefty looking weapons and shields, these look like they'd be very good rank and file troops. The design of the miniatures also means that they should fit into all manner of different Fantasy worlds.

Sticking with the rank and file, you've also got these Riflemen who are going to be scouting around the flanks of an army to blast at your foes.

Dwarf Riflemen - One Page Rules

Dwarf Riflemen // OnePageRules

I have always liked the idea of Dwarven Rangers and the like who leave their holds and go to secure the extent of its kingdom. The hoods are awesome and I like the number of accessories that are strapped to these wandering soldiers.

Moving on to the more elite troops, you've also got these "Suits" which you can add to your army. Perhaps you like the idea of clanking into battle with these Assault Suits?

Dwarf Assault Suits - One Page Rules

Dwarf Assault Suits // OnePageRules

If you're interested in the look of these, they also have some ranged options for these heavy suits too. Fire up these powerful guns and start blasting away your foes with ease.

Dwarf Ranged Suits - One Page Rules

Dwarf Ranged Suits // OnePageRules

Interestingly, these particular models give me vibes of how I imagine the Dwarves/Duardin to look and feel in Age Of Sigmar rather than the Old World of Warhammer. I could see these being used alongside the Dispossessed of Age Of Sigmar as fun elite options.

These are going to be released in March to Patreon users so make sure to keep an eye out when the new month rolls around!

"I could see these being used alongside the Dispossessed of Age Of Sigmar as fun elite options..."

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