Limbo Preview Beautifully Painted Elya, The Rose Knight

July 1, 2019 by brennon

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Limbo Miniatures recently previewed the absolutely stunning job that Mihausz Painting Studio did on Elya, The Rose Knight. She is one of their 75mm miniatures coming soon to their webstore.

Elya Rose Knight #1 - Limbo Miniatures

She looks bloomin' awesome, painted up to look as if she is flowing in time with her sword. I love the gentle shading and the warmth that you get from that green. It matches wonderfully against the flaming red of her hair.

Elya Rose Knight #2 - Limbo Miniatures

The expert work on the armour is also great, giving it a delicate quality. The sculpt is very much High Fantasy and I think that the painting suits it well as if she could have been taken from the cover of a novel. I think that if the sword had been outstretched you'd maybe get a little more of that 'flow' to the model, but as a display piece, she's going to be rather awesome.

Could you see yourself snapping her up and then attempting to replicate this paint scheme? Also, if you were going to paint her in different colours, what would you choose?

Let us know below...

"I love the gentle shading and the warmth that you get from that green..."

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