Weekend Cartoons On The Tabletop With Toon Realms By Lucid Eye!

September 19, 2018 by brennon

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Lucid Eye continues to grow their Toon Realms range with a whole host of new characters and foes for you to snap up. As well as individual releases they've also put together some bigger bundles for those looking to snap up a few sets at once.

Toon Realms Range - Lucid Eye

Above is the full pre-order bundle that you can snap up but the team at Lucid Eye has broken this down into smaller packages if you don't want to drown yourself in metal!

One of the best things about these sets is that it looks like all of them are single-piece metal models which makes them perfect someone getting into the hobby for the first time, especially those of the younger generation.

New characters include the likes of King Victor here...

King Victor - Lucid Eye

...and, as its a Fantasy setting, you can't ignore the Dwarves! Say hello to Rankle!

Rankle The Dwarf - Lucid Eye

I think I might have to snap up just the characters from this particular release as they all have a wonderful charm to them. I like the idea of snapping them up and going for it with the bright colour schemes, really making them stand out and embracing the cartoon aesthetic.

Loyal Followers

As well as these new characters they have also been working on some new followers who will be following these folks into the fighting. Nesh, one of the characters from the set above, gets themselves a set of Barbarian warriors.

Nesh's Barbarians - Lucid Eye

The heroic Rookie, no doubt the main protagonist of this particular story, gets some help in the form of both Wood Elf Warriors but Archers are also on the cards too as you might have seen in a previous preview.

Rookie's Wood Elf Warriors - Lucid Eye

The bad guys aren't going to be taking things lying down either as they also bring to the fore the Skeleton Swordsmen for Lord Rascal.

Lord Rascal's Skeleton Swordsmen - Lucid Eye

Again, this range seems like a perfect fit for those looking to explore Fantasy Skirmish and Role-Playing games with a cartoony twist. It almost feels like one of those old 90's Saturday Morning Cartoons that we all used to know and love brought to life on the tabletop.

Are you going to be getting stuck into this new range of Toon Realms releases?

"It almost feels like one of those old 90's Saturday Morning Cartoons that we all used to know and love brought to life on the tabletop..."

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