Warlord Games Raging And Waving At Waterloo

September 20, 2019 by avernos

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Warlord Games are returning to the Napoleonic Period with a new release for Black Powder. This metal three-figure pack contains two of the most senior coalition commanders from Waterloo.

Warlord Games Wellington and Picton

We have Lieutenant-General Sir Thomas Picton GCB, a man described by Wellington as "a rough foul-mouthed devil as ever lived", he is also the most senior member of the coalition to die at Waterloo during a crucial bayonet charge in which his division stopped D'Erlon's I Corps attack against the allied centre-left. The miniature itself captures the rage in Picton's face as clearly someone is not performing up to his required standard.

We also have two versions of Arthur Wellesley the 1st Duke of Wellington, the mounted version he is imperiously waving his bicorne over his head, whether as a command to a subordinate or perhaps accepting plaudits after the victory. My favourite miniature in the pack though has got to be Wellington asleep. Anyone who has seen the film Waterloo will remember this memorable scene.

Lord Uxbridge [clears throat]  Sir.

Duke of Wellington [removing his copy of The Times from over his face]  Ah, Uxbridge.

Lord Uxbridge As I am second-in-command and in case anything should happen to you, what are your plans?

Duke of Wellington [brightly]  To beat the French.

[goes back to sleep, replacing the newspaper over his head] 

I doubt a sleeping Wellington will see much game time but as an objective to capture the sleeping officer he may get on a table occasionally. But he certainly makes a striking addition to the collection for a painter or looking to take a break from the normal Napoleonic miniatures that are already out there.

Will you be trying to catch Wellington napping?

"I doubt a sleeping Wellington will see much game time "

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