The Dark Tower Range Comes To Otherworld Miniatures

August 17, 2016 by brennon

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Based on an old AD&D adventure Otherworld Miniatures have now created a new range of models that will start bringing your dungeon to life. See what you think of their new Dark Tower models based on the Judge's Guild adventure...

Lions Of Mitra

We start with some of the heroes from the Lions Of Mitra. These warriors are looking suitably old school with a bit of a modern twist and seem like valiant warriors worthy of taking on the followers of Set.

Talking of Set we have some of their Minions too that you can pick up!


These are great models that once again evoke that feeling of old school Dungeons & Dragons. Leading them into the fight against Mitra you might need a leader. How about Khonar The Dissenter?

Khonor The Dissenter

While a lesser Son of Set he looks like he would be a dangerous foe to face. Admittedly other dangers also dwell down in those ancient sandy ruins like Omphalous The Guardian Naga.

Omphalos, Guardian Naga

Last but not least we have some creatures that you might run into on the way to these ruins. What do you think of these bellowing Carnivorous Apes?

Carniverous Apes

I think they would be brilliant foes to run into as you're setting up camp. Everything is worse when it wants to chomp on your bones!

Do you remember the old Dark Tower adventure?

"These are great models that once again evoke that feeling of old school Dungeons & Dragons..."

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