4thWar Find Warehouse to Reduce USA Shipping Costs!

May 11, 2014 by dracs

The 4thWar gaming tables are a great concept and have been getting a lot of support over on their Kickstarter. However, one problem has been that shipping to the US has added a huge P+P cost to the price. While despair no more our American friends, as 4thWar have managed to get in touch with some US warehouses!

4thWar Table

Here's what the update on the Kickstarter page says:

We are really proud to announce that, thanks to your suggestions, a USA warehouse contacted us, so now we can offer you a new amazing shipping cost for USA!!!!

the procedure by now will be:

  • now we will ship for free to our warehouse in USA (Boston)
  • Use the post campaign survey to confirm your shipping address.
  • Once production is complete, our fulfillment service will distribute your order to a warehouse closest to you.
  • Using this method is undeniably cheaper for you than asking for a standard flat rate shipping price from you when you pledge.

in the very next days we will post a map with our warehouse and shipping range

we hope now the product will result more affordable for all USA fellows, so DO NOT ADD THE 55$ FOR USA SHIPPING IN THE PLEDGE - 4thWar

The upshot of this? The excellent 4thWar gaming tables should now be far more accessible for those of you in the USA, and you no longer have to be paying an extra $55 to get a hold of one.

Has this news tipped you over into supporting the Kickstarter?

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