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League of Infamy

League of Infamy

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Welcome to the League

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This will be my entry into Dungeonalia 2023 as I need an excuse to get some of this painted before other things!

This is the Kickstarter edition so there is a lot of stuff here, I probably won’t get it all done before Dungeonalia ends but who knows. Maybe? There is more stuff than reasonably fits into a KR casse so it is quite a lot to do!

The game itself is an unusual take on the dungeon crawler in that it is a one Vs many Vs each other proposition, or ‘occasionally cooperative’ as Mantic put it. One player is the Dungeon Keeper who controls the good guys defending the dungeon/castle/what have you. The other players each control a Villain who is competing with the other Villain players to become the most infamous member of the league.

They do that by completing scenario objectives while also screwing each other over to come out looking the best!

Most of the minis, to give you a sense of how much is in there!Most of the minis, to give you a sense of how much is in there!

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