Undersea Dark Heaven Releases from Reaper Miniatures

May 30, 2012 by brennon

Reaper Miniatures have got another wave of miniatures out, this time focusing on their Dark Heaven range. Check out the released models below as well as a few other interesting models that might take your fancy...

Dark Heaven Captain Razig

Dark Heaven Zombies

Dark Heaven Tiik Warriors

Dark Heaven Pennangalan

Dark Heaven Gremlins

Dark Heaven Karkarion Shark Warrior

Some interesting and rather gory releases from Reaper Miniatures I think you will agree. Can you also guess which model BoW Warren will love the most? I just might have to pick up some of those Gremlins simply for painting too!

Anvall Thricedamned Evil Warlord

They also have this fairly impressive model. Anvall is one of their resin miniatures which comes with resin body and base with only the axe being metal. A perfect Role-playing anti-hero or warlord for a dark army?

Cowboys & Gunslingers

They even have some models for the Wild West! A nice box set of miniatures for your games of Go Fer Yer Guns or even to add into Blackwater Gulch perhaps?

A great selection, but what grabs your wallet?

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