You Cannot Run from Relics Rapid Reinforcements

January 6, 2015 by dracs

Last month we saw a collection of silhouettes of some upcoming releases for Tor Gaming's rapidly growing fantasy game Relics. Now those silhouettes are beginning to be revealed, starting with new additions for the Nuem and Vaettir.

For the Nuem, we get a new example of their twisted machinations in the form of the Praefectus Equitum.

Praefectus Equitum

The Praefectus Equitum are a guild of inventors who focus upon speed above all else, a philosophy they transfer over to warfare as well with their horrific wheeled machines.

Tor have come out with a terrifying fusion of the organic and the mechanic. It almost looks like something out a particularly dark Doctor Who episode and the thought of these rolling about the battlefield is a very disturbing one. In other words, I think this is awesome!

Praefectus Equitum Front

Praefectus Equitum Back

The Vaettir aren't going to be left behind though as they will be receiving reinforcements in the form of the Vicario.


The Vicario often form into packs to hunt the enemy, manipulating the earth itself to make it impassable and bog the enemy down, disrupting their advances and leaving them vulnerable to the Vicario. However, their greatest skill is the creation of ice projectiles, which they then fire at the foe.

As with all the Vaettir, the Vicario are incredibly alien in appearance. Their hunched forms and toothed maws make them look incredibly bestial, which only serves to make them more menacing. It would be fantastic to see these models painted up, given that their design seems to reflect their ice powers.

Vicario 1

Vicario 2

Both of these promise us some very interesting miniatures later this month and it will be fun to see what the other silhouettes were hiding.

Do you play Relics? What do you think of these new minis?

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