A New Hero Leads the Forge Father Thorgarim to Battle

February 14, 2013 by dracs

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Its hammer time over at Mantic as a new Forge Father hero is up for pre-order.

Mantic Forge Father Hero

The Thorgarim are a brethren of Forge Fathers that specialise in the use of the heat hammer – so skilled are some heroes that they wield them in one hand, blazing away with a Hailstorm Pistol as they close with the enemy.

The sculpt of this hero is based upon some artwork from the cover of a previous issue of Table Top Insider.

Table Top Insider

The pose of the miniature is fairly dramatic looking and makes for a good alternative hero sculpt to lead your sci-fi dwarfs. Specifically he can be used as an alternative sergeant for the Thorgarim unit, making him something of a close combat expert.

Will any of you be getting this mini to lead your beardy battalions?

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