New Stronghold Arthurian Age Lords & Ladies Available To Pre-Order

May 4, 2017 by brennon

Stronghold Terrain has collected together three new pre-orders of characters for you to use in your Arthurian Age games on the tabletop. It would make sense to start with the namesake of the era, so here is their take on King Arthur.

King Arthur On Foot

Clad in the armour of the Romano-British he is ready to defend Briton against Saxon invaders. If anyone has seen the Clive Owen King Arthur film then they might notice a passing resemblance to that particular version of the character.

It was indeed great to see them continue this theme as they added Cerdic, the Saxon Warlord to the mix.

Cerdic Saxon Warlord

Cerdic was a prominent leader of the period and settled the first Anglo-Saxon settlements in Briton during the invasions. Little more is known about him but he is presented here in the likeness of Stellen Skarsgard from the same film.

If you prefer your Picts and Scots and the wild lands of the North then you might want to pick up Keira Knightley's take on Guinevere.

Female Pictish Warlord

This Female Pictish Warlord would be a great leader for your forces on the tabletop and it's always good to see more women warriors battling it out on the tabletop. So, with these characters up for grabs, it stands to reason that we now have to see some scenarios played out using scenes from the film right?

Get your thoughts in below on these three...

"This Female Pictish Warlord would be a great leader for your forces on the tabletop..."

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