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Let’s Play: Star Wars: Episode II – The Spice Must Fly | West End Games RPG


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.… the crew of the LAZY GUNGAN have been sent on a time-sensitive mission to Mon Gaz in a search and recover mission by a broker for the CRIMSON DAWN crime syndicate. 

Let’s Play: Star Wars: Escape From Smuggler’s Hold | West End Games RPG


On this most auspicious of days, three intrepid spacers take to the skies in a Galaxy Far, Far Away... Join Warren, Free, and Gerry as their alter-egos, Hazi San the Mirialan mercenary, Ashdaesha 'Ash' Kairn the Twi'lek pilot, and Gaarkazza the typecast Wookie first mate, as they attempt to earn a few credits and make a name for themselves out on the Fringe among the syndicates on board their ship the Lazy Gungan.

Roleplay As The Knights Templar In Osprey’s Heirs To Heresy RPG


Osprey Games has now released their new roleplaying game, Heirs To Heresy: The Fall Of The Knights Templar. If you're interested in diving into a Historical-Fantasy roleplaying game then this might be worth taking a closer look at.

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