Survival Horror Game Alien Isolation Out Today!

October 7, 2014 by brennon

Alien: Isolation is the newest game based on the world of Ripley and the Xenomorphs. Instead of it being a Marines versus Aliens affair with plenty of bullets and screeching acid-filled beasties it's a survival horror with plenty of atmosphere...

Alien Isolation

In the game you play as Amanda, Ellen Ripley's daughter stuck aboard a ship filled with plenty of perils. Not only is the Xenomorph hunting you through the corridors but synthetics and even other humans might end up being your undoing.

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The game has gone down incredibly well at industry festivals over the past year or so with gamers saying that it truly brings the Alien feeling back to the forefront. Constant terror and the thought of death just around the corner are great horror incentives!


One of the coolest things about the game, in my opinion anyway, is the way weapons work. Your big 'delete button' weapon is the flamethrower but you'll find that its fuel is almost as useful as a light never mind as a weapon. The 'firing up' of the flamethrower to light a dark corridor and seeing flashes of your foe in the shadows. All very cool!

Check out the gameplay above and let us know if you play this one!

It's looking like the right way forward for Alien!

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