A Closer Look At Upcoming Blood Angels For Warhammer 40k

December 4, 2014 by brennon

The leaks have been coming thick and fast for the new Blood Angels Codex that is due to be up for pre-order on Friday of this week from Games Workshop. See what you think of the miniatures so far...

Sanguinary Priest

Blood Angels Tactical Squad

Sanguinary Priest with Tactical Squad

First up we have the all important miniatures for your new Blood Angels. As well as getting themselves a Sanguinary Priest who is looking rather flashy indeed we have the new Tactical Squad that wear a very nice style of power armour more in keeping with their existing heroes. I like the more sculpted chest pieces that keep to the Greek look of their army.

Blood Angels Codex Cover

Blood Angel Datacards

Blood Angel Rules

Next up we have some of snaps from the rest of the range. Of course we've got another hardback rulebook on the way with some amazing art from Raymond Swanland but we've also got the new Datacards as well which I've heard are a really good investment for your faction simply because of the various gaming opportunities they open up for you.

There was also this sneak peek inside the new Codex within the magazine showing off the Sanguinary Guard and Dreadnought in all their glory. Nice to see the nipple armour is still there.

Have you been wowed by the new Blood Angels?

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