Gotrek & Felix Join The End Times Story Of Warhammer

August 29, 2014 by brennon

Black Library have listed up the newest Gotrek & Felix novel, Kinslayer, which sees the main story picked up once again and the stalwart slayer heading North to help fight off an invasion from the wastes...

Gotrek & Felix Kinslayer

"Once companions on the greatest of adventures, Gotrek and Felix have long since gone their separate ways. Felix, married and settled, secretly craves the excitement of his youth. And when the opportunity arises, Felix embarks upon what might be his final journey. As the chaos of the End Times engulfs Kislev, Gotrek and Felix are reunited, battling the hordes of the Troll King alongside Ulrika, Snorri and Max. But when long-hidden secrets are revealed, these old friends will be torn apart, and not all of them will leave Kislev alive..."

So begins the final journey for Gotrek & Felix and if the future title 'Slayer' is anything to be believed Gotrek will be heading off into the very depths of the wastes to fight Belakor inevitably. Before then he has an army of trolls to fight. I am rather excited for 'The Doom of Gotrek Gurnisson'.

The Doom of Dragonback

Taking a step back in time however we also have another novel penned by Gav Thorpe who does love his Dwarfs. See what you think of The Doom of Dragonback...

"With the War of Vengeance over, the dwarfs of the Old World have begun to rebuild their empire. But they have been drastically weakened by their conflict with the elves, and as great earthquakes tear the mountains asunder, enemies old and new descend upon the dwarf holds. To the west, in the Dragonback Mountains, the dwarfs of Ekrund think themselves safe from the threats faced by their eastern cousins. They are wrong. As greenskins march into their realm in terrifying numbers and war beckons, the Angbok clan and their fellows must fight to save everything they hold dear."

Some great books on the horizon for both fans of The End Times and those wanting to take a look back in time to the founding of The Old World as we know it now. Can't wait to get stuck in.

Will you read of Gotrek's doom?

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