Warhansa Grow Their Dark Age Range With New Warlords

March 7, 2016 by brennon

Warhansa have added to their Medieval & SAGA range with some new warlord characters. As well as their Hero Set they also have the Shieldmaiden - Female Warlord who will be leading the charge into battle...

Female Warlord #1

Female Warlord #2

We might be getting to critical mass when it comes to Shieldmaidens at the moment but you can't deny how cool they are in part thanks to shows like Vikings. I think we'll see them mixed in with our Dark Age armies for a while to come and people will keep snapping up these warrior women.

Following on from her we have a collection from Warhansa which combines a whole range of different Heroes.

SAGA Hero Set

Here you have a collection of some of their different heroes including the Shieldmaiden but in addition their Pagan Rus Warlord, Vikings and Anglo-Saxon/Danes. You now have quite the choice when it comes to war leaders.

What do you think?

"You now have quite the choice when it comes to war leaders..."

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