The Order Of Illumination Are Summoned To Warmachine

February 11, 2020 by brennon

Privateer Press has dropped some new characters and soldiers for The Order Of Illumination in the world of Warmachine. These new Mercenary options have a hint of the dark and macabre about them starting with the Thamarite Advocate.

Thamarite Advocate - Warmachine

Here is some of the background on this particular lady who looks like she'd be at home in a castle deep with Translyvania.

"The Thamarite Advocates are peerless masters of the forbidden arts who have dedicated themselves to the destruction of the infernals and the protection of humanity. Once denizens of the shadows long-accustomed to serving their Dark Mistress in secret, the Advocates have put aside old differences and joined forces with those who once hunted them. They now take to the battlefield against the ravening hordes of the Outer Abyss, pairing their magic and fell curses with the steel, shot, and hallowed blessings of the Order of Illumination."

It seems like it wasn't just the forces of the Warhammer Fantasy and Age Of Sigmar that have had to join forces with the dark and the undead in order to take on the demons that knock on the gates of Immoren. I really like this particular character which tells a bit of a story. You can see the disdain she has for others on her face and the power she has over the creatures of darkness.

Lost Souls

As well as the Thamarite Advocate we also have the Legion Of Lost Souls.

Legion Of Lost Souls - Warmachine

I love seeing skeletons, especially skeletons clad in heavy armour. These would be great for use in Warmachine of course but you could also use them in other games too as an armoured contingent that protects a noble figure.

"The Legion of Lost Souls is an ancient company of Morrowan mercenaries who long ago stood against a terrible darkness that threatened the whole of Cygnar. Though the company was slain to a man, tales of their valour lived on, and it was prophesized that in a time of great need, Morrow would call the Legion of Lost Souls back to service, and once more they would rise and take arms against those who would threaten their nation. With the arrival of the infernals, Morrow himself dispatched a holy archon to rouse the Legion from deathly sleep to march against those who would claim the souls of humanity for their own dark purposes."

These are very nice indeed and a cool way to build up that evil and undead theme across your force. I hope we're going to see more of these long-dead warriors joining the Order Of Illumination as they struggle against the abyssal forces that threaten the world.

What do you think of these new releases?

"You can see the disdain she has for others on her face and the power she has over the creatures of darkness..."

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