An Introduction To The World Of Warzone: Resurrection!

December 18, 2013 by crew

With the re-launch of the Warzone and Mutant Chronicles games (with PRODOS Game’s brand new Warzone: Resurrection and the forthcoming 3rd edition of the Mutant Chronicles RPG by Modiphius Entertainment) I think it’s a great time to get introduced --or re-introduced, if that’s more appropriate for some of you-- to the Mutant Chronicles universe.

Warzone is set in our universe in the not terribly distant future. Unfortunately our years of environmental abuse of Mother Earth has meant that most of humanity has abandoned our homeworld and now reside on the various terraformed planets of our solar system, including Mercury, Venus, Mars, and the Moon.

No longer do the old nations of Earth hold sway – now most of mankind is dominated by a handful of powerful Corporations that control the lives of their people/employees from cradle to grave. These Corporations are:


CAPITOL – Primarily a Canadian/American echo, Capitol dominates the Red Planet Mars. Capitol is a strong capitalist democracy – if you can afford more votes, you buy more votes. Its forces are known for their flexibility – Capitol has answers for everything in the known universe. Some of its most recognizable forces include the Free Marines, who are ex-criminal Special Forces known for being fearless, ruthless and utterly dedicated to their missions, and the Airborne Rangers.

Capitol Soldier


MISHIMA – Primarily a Japanese/Chinese analog, Mishima dominates the planet Mercury. They are one of the smallest corporations but their forces are well-trained and ferociously disciplined. They live their code of honor and are willing to die for it. Their forces include a variety of Samurai – yes, with power Katanas – as well as the dishonored Crimson devils and the four-armed Demon Hunters. BANZAI!

Mishima Soldiers


BAUHAUS – Ze Germans. Bauhaus are the Corporation with possibly the highest quality equipment. Bauhaus dominates Venus. Bauhaus takes pride in being the oldest surviving corporation, and they believe in keeping a steady hand through their aristocratic leadership. Their most famous units include the Venuisan Rangers and the Etolies Mortant – acrobatic warrior-women who take the fight directly to the enemy.


CYBERTRONIC- The least trusted of all Corporations, Cybertronic embraces proscribed technologies. They dabble with both cybernetic/bionic improvements all the way up to the extremely dangerous robotic artificial intelligences – all of which makes them very suspect in the eyes of the other corporations and particularly to the Brotherhood (More on that in a bit!). The most famous Cybertronic forces are their Chasseurs, the Mirrormen, and the terrifying Eradicator Deathdroid.


IMPERIAL – The upstarts. Imperial is a collection of clans, mostly of Irish and Scottish descent, and they have been forced to push further and further out into the solar system for living space and to seek their fortunes. Unfortunately their explorer system has awakened the Dark Legion! Imperial has a variety of famous forces including the Wolfsbane, the Blood Berets, and the ever-tenacious Trenchers.

Imperial Render

But the Corporations aren’t EVERYTHING in Warzone. There’s are several more factions which are very, very important to the universe:


THE BROTHERHOOD – The Brotherhood is a religious organization who protects mankind from itself. They control the Moon of Earth. They are the bulwark against the Dark Symmetry and the the Dark Legion. Frequently the Brotherhood is at odds with the Corporations – they see themselves as policing the solar system as the highest authority and that attitude clashes frequently with the Corporations. They also keep all of the Corporations away from Earth, at least overtly. The Brotherhood has a bevy of famous forces, including the Valkyries, the Sacred Warriors, and the Crucifiers. The Brotherhood also has many warriors who specialize in their own psychic skills, called the Art.

Brotherhood Soldiers

THE CARTEL – The Corporations have formed a sort of “United Nations” to help keep each other in check, and nominally to work together against the Dark Legion. Each Corporation sends some forces to the Cartel to help protect the solar system, and often they will second some of their best and brightest to the Cartel in the form of the Doomtroopers – the pinnacle warriors of all of humankind.

Dark Legion

THE DARK LEGION - Extra-dimensional invaders who were unleashed when Imperial explorers found the Steel Tablet on Pluto, the Dark Legion has been assailing mankind ever since that fateful day. Really they are a massive conglomerate of many forces – so far mankind has faced five different Dark Apostles, each a different aspect of the Dark Symmetry. The Dark Legion has proven amazingly capable of corrupting Man from within, and hordes of traitor have joined the Dark Legion, both as frontline fighters and infiltrating and wreaking havoc from within. The Dark Symmetry itself infects and corporations thinking machines and computers, turning them against Man, and this has pushed back the technology level of most of the Corporations. (Cybertronic appears to be an exception, but their use of technology in the light of the corrupting powers of the Dark Symmetry creates paranoia) Furthermore the Dark Legion has power over death itself, raising their slain foes to fight against their former allies. Some of the more infamous forces used by the Dark Legion include the Razides, the Necromutants and the Praetorian Stalkers.

Warzone Fighting
Battle is joined all across the Solar System. On every world the Dark Legion seeks to corrupt from within and destroy from without. They have raised their own Citadels on many worlds, vast fortresses that seem to contain never-ending supplies of nightmarish armies. The Corporations still squabble among themselves, blind to the rising threat posed by the Dark Legion as they raid and counter-raid over petty slights or properties. The Brotherhood persecutes war both on the battlefield and in the streets rooting out heretics and traitors who would sell out Mankind for whispered promises of power.

Warzone Resurrection Rulebook

As you can see, it’s awesome! There really is something for everyone in the Mutant Chronicles universe. Each of the Corporations has a unique visual appeal and playstyle. There is ample room for conflict – from low intensity (raids among the Corporations) to all-out war (attacks on the Dark Legion Citadels). There have been several editions of the game (Warzone Resurrection is the 4th) but it remains one of my favorite because of the great background and fast, furious gameplay. If you like what you’ve read here, I hope you’ll check out the Warzone Website.

Robert Allen

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