The Sinister Cyber Arthropods Slither Out of Puppets War

June 15, 2014 by dracs

Puppets War have created another set of strange and sinister cyber creations, the snake-like slaughterers named the Cyber Arthropods.

Cyber Arthropods

As with Puppets War’s other cyber miniatures, these arthropods are perfect for use as alternate Necron minis. They are available either individually or as part of a unit.

Puppets War also have a set of alternative tentacles with which to equip your arthropods.

Cyber Arthropod with Tentacles

The sickle limb options make these alien robots look like the horrifying creations from that CGI movie 9. The tentacles, however, add an extra level of disturbing style to the sculpt, as well as new options for combat rules.

Are these Cyber Arthropods going to be slithering along as part of your army?

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