New Battlesmiths & Berserkers Lead The Charge Of The Age Of Sigmar Fyreslayers

January 23, 2016 by brennon

Games Workshop have added two more heroes to their roster of champions that will be leading the Fyreslayers of Age of Sigmar into battle. Here we have both the Battlesmith and the Grimwrath Berserker who take the fight to the enemies of Grimnir on foot...

Battle Standards & Battle Axes

First up we have the Battlesmith who has some rather awesome rules to go along with his model. He is able to continually inspired his troops to fight better and when he dies the Fyreslayers can rally around the fallen standard and defend it fiercely.


One of those who might want to continually keep fighting is the Grimwrath Berserker who swings into battle with a massive fyrestorm greataxe that looks like it's laced with obsidian.

Grimwrath Berserker

I think of the two models I would have to go with the Battlesmith as my favourite of the two. The Grimwrath Berserker is awesome looking but it would have been good to see him with a bit more dynamism. For example him leaping forward in a similar pose but with the axe held above his head ready to crush some skulls.

I think the 'side swiping' stance is also underused and if done right could lend some weight to models as they seek to cleave through a group of foes.

A Grand Alliance

As well as the Fyreslayers we have a new book. Grand Alliance: Chaos gives you plenty of additional background and game options to choose from when assembling a force that will fight under Archaon.

Grand Alliance - Chaos

It collects together all of the information on the various parts of the Chaos army into one place alongside their Warscrolls and plenty of battalion ideas for when you want to form them into something coherent.

I'm not entirely sure how good these books are since surely over time they are going to be chopping and changing units from the various armies and adding in new ones. Considering all of the PDFs are free maybe it's just better to stick with what you get in the app?

Will you be getting any of these warriors?

"...for example him leaping forward in a similar pose but with the axe held above his head ready to crush some skulls."

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