Death & Malign Portents Arrive This Week For Age Of Sigmar

January 29, 2018 by brennon

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Death comes to the world of Age Of Sigmar this weekend with pre-orders going up for both Malign Portents and Legions Of Nagash thanks to Games Workshop. A fell wind blows through the Mortal Realms as a new campaign beckons...

Malign Portents - Age Of Sigmar

As many will know by now, Malign Portents pushes forward the narrative within Age Of Sigmar. The time of Sigmar may be at an end as Nagash seeks to bring his legions to bear against the other Grand Alliances. Meanwhile, other mighty heroes also gather, each with their own portents to follow.

You'll be able to get embroiled in a new global campaign for Age Of Sigmar and find yourself drawn not only into the narrative but a wealth of new options for all of the different forces involved.

Malign Accessories

Additionally, you can also get your hands on some bits and bobs to add that deathly glow to your tabletop including the likes of Dice...

Malign Portents Dice - Age Of Sigmar

...and a selection of cards which will help you keep track of in-game changes that you'll be facing and drawing on for additional power.

Malign Portents Cards - Age Of Sigmar

Cards are always helpful I've found, giving you an easy way to keep track of everything that's going on. The dice also look lovely, especially the design that represents the six. I think I'd pick those up to use beyond Age Of Sigmar, nevermind just for this game.

Legions Of Nagash

The new Battletome that makes its way to the tabletop is Legions of Nagash which gives you a wealth of new options and build options for your death forces.

Legions Of Nagash  - Age Of Sigmar

More synergies will be bought into play and depending on the Mortarch that you choose when you're building your army, you'll find yourself opening up a wealth of new options too. One cool army creation titbit from them over on the blog was that there are hordes of flaming skeletons inhabiting the realm of Aqshy (Fire)!

Returning Terrain

You will also be able to get your hands on an old terrain piece from Games Workshop which is now known as Warscryer Citadel.

Warscryer Citadel - Age Of Sigmar

This larger piece certainly benefits from the skirmishing nature of Age Of Sigmar, allowing you to move up onto those top rafters and walkways to do battle in heroic struggles. Imagine using this in Age Of Sigmar Skirmish and having your heroes fighting to either preserve the library of knowledge within or burn it down.

Are you going to be diving headfirst into death in February?

"One cool army creation titbit from them over on the blog was that there are hordes of flaming skeletons inhabiting the realm of Aqshy (Fire)!"

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Supported by (Turn Off)

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