Your Kids Get Looting & Bashing Monsters In Munchkin Treasure Hunt

October 26, 2015 by brennon

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If you want to start your kids off young when it comes to the world of Munchkin from Steve Jackson Games then see what you think of their new take on it with Munchkin Treasure Hunt...

Munchkin Treasure Hunt

Munchkin Treasure Hunt is a very simple version of the game where you move around the board (with both Male & Female Munchkins which is a wonderful touch!) fighting monsters, and stealing treasure. You go until the treasure deck runs out and then the person with the most points wins.

Munchkin Treasure Hunt (Board)

As you can see the board is looking nice and colourful with some fantastic artwork. I could see this going down a storm with younger groups of children.

Would you get your kids and their friends playing this?

"...with both Male & Female Munchkins which is a wonderful touch!"

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