Bolt Action Brits Blast Away With A Bofor

September 6, 2012 by dracs

Collectors of the British Bolt Action miniatures will be happy to hear that they need fear attacks from the air  no longer for Warlord have released the Bofor 40mm AA Gun Mk III.

Bolt Action - British 40mm Bofors

This anti-aircraft gun saw use by the British forces from 1942 and even saw use in the Korean War. This latest rendition of the gun comes mounted upon a new carriage meaning it can be deployed easily at the most advantageous position. That will show that Jerry Luftwaffe lot, what?

Bolt Action - British 40mm Bofors Back

This miniature is a fairly nice sculpt. As we have come to expect from the Bolt Action range it excellently depicts the real thing and adds an extra dimension to your re-enactments of WWII battles and scenarios. The crew are particularly good, each of them engaging in their specific task and making the whole thing feel far more alive.

Can any of you tell us anything about this particular gun?

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