Walls & Masses Of Scatter Terrain For Bolt Action!

October 25, 2014 by brennon

If you're looking for terrain to make your games of Bolt Action come to life and look like a real world rather than just a sea of green with some bushes then see what you think of this new Scatter Terrain and Walls from Warlord Games...

Dry Stone Walls

Engineering Set

Factory SetThe walls are the newest set here that have been designed for use with the world of Bolt Action and World War II but you could easily use them in most urban environments. What is really getting me excited however are some of the scatter terrain sets that are awesome looking and perfect for giving you oodles of cover for your games.

Produce Set

Warehouse Set

I love the idea of playing down by a dockyard with a whole bunch of big indoor environments (with removable roofs so you can play inside!) and then masses of crates and other gubbins everywhere making it a tight and closely fought combat situation. You could easily do some fun stuff with special forces if you wanted a scenario.

What do you think?

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