The Ito of Bushido Get a New Sexy Snake Woman

March 22, 2015 by dracs

The mini for Yuui Ito, a warrior woman of the Ito clan blessed by their serpent god Orochi, has slithered into Bushido.

Yuui Ito

Another daughter of Orochi, a ferocious warrior gifted with great prowess in battle and the honour of Orochi’s snake form body. She slithers across the battlefield seeking out the cowards in the shadows and dispatching them in Orochi’s name. Although not of the Ito bloodline Yuui has risen amongst the ranks of the followers of Orochi, a rise that has not gone unnoticed by many Ito, who by birth should outrank her. - GCT Studio

We previously saw the concept art for Yuui and as you can see GCT have stuck to it very closely for the finished model.

Yuui Concept

Yuui's sculpt manages to be both sexy and disturbing, which makes for a very effective character. Wielding her twin katanas, she looks like she will be an absolute monster in combat, her serpentine grace giving her the upper hand over the enemies of Ito.

Are you a fan of the Ito clan? What do you think of Yuui?

"Yuui's sculpt manages to be both sexy and disturbing."

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