Welcome to the Jwar Isle: Inari’s Judgement

August 27, 2022 by jjgrubb | Channel: Getting Tabled

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Welcome to the Jwar Isle Jason “The Bruce” and Ben “Brother Bear” are back with an indepth look into the latest box set from GenCon, the mystical Ninja’s in all of their glory, giving deep into the factions rules and cards and discussing tactics as we have all of the other factions previously. This series is aimed as an introduction to the faction so anyone can get something from, a long term investment players can look back on over time and not just when the faction is new. This series ia a collaboration between Jason “The Bruce” and “Brother Bear” Ben.

GCT Studios: www.gctstudios.com
Bushido Wiki: bushidothegame.wikidot.com

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Music created by Eric Matyas of Soundimage.org

– Jason “The Bruce”

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