Clockwork Goblin Heads Off to Start a New Konflikt!

October 1, 2012 by brennon

Clockwork Goblin Miniatures have been working on some awesome 15mm Weird World War miniatures of late. You might have seen a few of them on the website before. Now, Clockwork Goblin are working on an awesome rules set to use them with. Check out more about Konflikt '47 below...

Konflikt '47

Konflikt '47 will take all the mechs, heavy armoured soldiers and zombies and shove them into an awesome Weird World War conflict. They hope to have a full rulebook focusing on a cinematic play style out next year. As well as this starter sets are also on the way for all forces involved in the conflict. Talking of forces, check out some of the painted miniatures below...

US Troopers

German Infantry

German Zombies

US Light Mecha

But wait there's more! After talking with their friends in the industry and listening to community feedback, all of their miniatures are going to be made in 28mm as well as 15mm! This means that they can cater to squad based skirmish level gaming, as well as taking huge companies onto the battlefield. Here is an example of one of their 28mm German Zombies...

28mm German Zombie

Now imagine those heavily armoured soldiers clanking into battle in 28mm, and possibly those mechs too! There is a lot more to come from Clockwork Goblin in the future so watch this space!

Are you excited for Konflikt '47?

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