Get A Taster Of Cyntopia A New Cyberpunk Style Board Game!

July 24, 2014 by brennon

Cyberpunk is one of those genres which I keep going back to despite my love of Fantasy. I think it's the gritty darkness of it combined with the almost magical way in which 'runners' or 'hackers' interact with the multitude of electronic devices at their fingertips. With that in mind check out some teasers for Cyntopia, a new board game coming to you along the information highway...


Cyntopia Artwork

The artwork is looking amazing, the bottom one more so than the top here, but it really gives you that sense of the dark underbelly of Cybernetic society on a future Earth. I like how the folks behind the game have also been running the previews and teasers for the game as a bit of an alternate reality game with everything being very in character. I hope that continues!

"Cyntopia - The future is now" is a cooperative Cyberpunk tabletop board game with simple and action packed combat, featuring detailed character miniatures, fully customizable maps and much more.

The future is waiting for you Edgewalker, are you ready?"

This is what we know so far and I'm already hooked up, jacked in, and ready to see what comes of this. For now I will keep my interest at bay with some more Netrunner!

What do you think?

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