Mantic Games Spills Secrets On Warpath’s Game-Changing Updates!

August 17, 2023 by avernos

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Gerry sits down with the head of Mantic Games Studio Matt Gilbert to discuss the big news about Warpath and the plans to make an epic within their science fiction universe.


With a relaunch of Warpath in a smaller scale and a rules refresh on the cards, Mantic Games have taken the unusual step of reaching out to gamers to see if their plan has merits. So they want to hear from you, whether you already play Warpath or not, on what route they should take to launch the game and the game itself.

Warpath Rulebook

Warpath Survey

Matt explains the rationale behind the outreach and where Mantic currently is with their plans for the signature sci-fi game that has defined the universe all their other games feature within. Giving us an insight into Warpath and how it will ultimately impact Firefight and Deadzone, Matt also takes the opportunity to drop a few hints as to what is coming next for those games as well.

Will you be playing Warpath in an epic scale?

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