Pre-Orders Now Live! Wild West Exodus: Showdown At Retribution Two-Player Starter Set

October 15, 2021 by brennon

The brand new Two-Player Starter Set for Wild West Exodus is now available to pre-order from the folks at Warcradle Studios! You can grab Showdown At Retribution for yourself over on the Wayland Games store right now!

Showdown At Retribution Two-Player Starter Set - Wild West Exodus OCT

Showdown At Retribution Two-Player Starter Set // Wild West Exodus

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The new starter set from Warcradle comes with everything that you need to start getting stuck into playing games of Wild West Exodus on the tabletop.

"The frontier of the Union of Federated States is a wild and often lawless place. Ideal for outlaws, renegades and zealots to prey on the locals. Now a force led by the morally bankrupt Enlightened scientist Gustave Eiffel has arrived in the town of Retribution. The mayor sends out a call for aid and is overjoyed to find that the hero of the Union, Nikolai Tesla is in the area. But as the Union forces pull into Retribution it becomes clear that this is no coincidence and all has unfolded to Eiffel's plans for vengeance. The stage is set for an epic showdown in Retribution between these two rivals."

You'll get a host of miniatures for the Union and the Enlightened as well as all of the widgets, measuring tools, tokens and cards that you'll need to play your games.

Showdown At Retribution Two-Player Starter Set Contents - Wild West Exodus OCT

Showdown At Retribution Two-Player Starter Set Contents // Wild West Exodus

This should act as a great starting point for those looking to play the game if they've never had a chance to before. It would equally be a good returning point for those who might have played Wild West Exodus in past iterations of the game.

Union Vs Enlightened!

All of the miniatures within the set are 35mm and come in plastic so they are nice and easy to assemble. On the one side of things, you have the Union led by Tesla!

Showdown At Retribution Union - Wild West Exodus

Showdown At Retribution Union // Wild West Exodus

Breaking things down a bit more, you get access to Nikolai Tesla, Carl Fredrickson, Union Belle, two Iron Eagles and nine of the UR-31E Teslabots. The Teslabots can be built with Electro Batons and Shields or Eletrocarbines depending on what you prefer!

Facing off against them in the town of Retribution we also have the Enlightened!

Showdown At Retribution Enlightened - Wild West Exodus

Showdown At Retribution Enlightened // Wild West Exodus

Led by Gustave Eiffel, these mechanical horrors offer up a very different approach to gameplay in Wild West Exodus. Alongside Eiffel, you also have Smash & Grab, Emily Nouguier, two Iron Horses and three Mono-Cav. The Mono-Cav can also be built as Strider-Cav according to your preference.

If you'd like to know more about what you get inside the new Showdown At Retribution set then we got talking to the design team about it in the video down below...

In-Depth Look: Wild West Exodus 2 Player Starter Set | Developer Interview

This should give you a great idea of what you've got to play with when it comes to the Union or the Enlightened. I wonder which faction you folks are going to pick when you snap this up?

New Retribution Wild West Exodus Terrain

As well as the new starter set, the folks at Warcradle Scenics have been working hard on some new terrain that suits the town of Retribution where all of this skullduggery is going down! The Retribution Town Set is also available to pre-order right now.

Retribution Town Set - Wild West Exodus

Retribution Town Set // Wild West Exodus

Here is a little bit of background on the setting for this particular conflict...

"Most frontier towns in the midwest are sparsely populated, largely lawless, dangerous places to live in or to visit. Retribution, however, is a different story. With the 7th Cavalry and 222nd Infantry Union regiments now based out Camp Soule a few miles to the west, the town has been transformed into an oasis of entertainment and civility in a desert of threats, violence and death. Thanks to the Union dollars pouring in, the town has expanded to include a railroad station, a theatre, new housing projects and many more amenities that are denied to most folk out West."

This set then offers a range of MDF terrain which has been pre-coloured and is ready to go once you've unleashed some glue on it! Inside the set, you get a grand Theatre, Station, Residence, Barracks and a Windmill each with its own scatter terrain elements.

If you fancy something smaller, or in addition to the big Town Set, then you can also pre-order a Town House!

Retribution Town House - Wild West Exodus

Retribution Town House // Wild West Exodus

Much like with the Town Set, this is another MDF kit that comes fully coloured. All of the buildings from this collection come with detailed interiors to so you can have lots of fun playing around inside them as well as battling in the streets and alleyways around them.

So, if you're determined to dive right into the world of Wild West Exodus then this is an opportunity to do so. You've got the new Two-Player Starter Set and two terrain sets for you to consider giving you both the miniatures and the tabletop to fight on.

Join Us As Part Of The Global Gunslinger League!

Want to join a community of people all building and playing their way through their first steps into Wild West Exodus? Well, that's where the Global Gunslinger League comes in.


Sign Up For The Global Gunslinger League Here To Be Notified At Launch!

You can find out more details on the Global Gunslinger League on the link above but it will be your chance to hobby alongside us at OnTableTop and a host of other people from around the world. All you need is the Two-Player Starter Set for Showdown At Retribution to get started and from there you'll be guided through the creation of a full Posse for use in the game.

Watch out for more information soon but make sure to sign up to get new information on the Global Gunslinger League in the run-up to its launch in November.

Are you going to be picking up Showdown At Retribution and some of that new terrain?

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