Soviet Soldiers Fight Under The Red Banner In Flames Of War

January 28, 2019 by brennon

Battlefront Miniatures is actually throwing some infantry into the mix this time around with their new releases for Flames Of War. The Red Banner gets some ground support with a selection of new Company sets starting with the Rifle Company...

Rifle Company - Flames Of War

This is also supported by the SMG Company which is focused on more close quarters fighting.

SMG Company - Flames Of War

If you prefer to fight alongside veterans, bringing the most powerful kit to bear alongside their experience, then you also have a Storm Group.

Storm Group - Flames Of War

Each of these individual infantry companies is then supported by a range of heavy weapons...

Maksim MG Company

Maksim MG Company - Flames Of War

PTRD AT-Rifle Company

PTRD AT Rifle Company - Flames Of War

82mm or 120mm Mortar Company 

82 or 120mm Mortar Company - Flames Of War

As always, you can have a good old fight with armour, but you can't do much capturing without some men on foot to do the close-up work. I love that we're getting a revamped look at the Soviets with these sets which have been rejigged to fit in with the new edition of the game.

Also, we get to see very little of the 'big head syndrome' that struck the infantry for Flames Of War back in the day which is always a good thing.

Are you going to be bolstering your Soviet force with these new options?

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"Are you going to be bolstering your Soviet force with these new options?"

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