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    It wasn’t so much that they knew how to make red lipstick, more they knew how to wear it



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    So far…


    Another box – pre wash.



    This, and the next one, are the last of the O-12 set!


    @ceppie – Traveller crew?


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    @onlyonepinman – touche! There is a video by Christina Aguilara (is that right?) where there is three of her all dressed like that. Heather loves it…I am a bit indifferent, but three of them leaves so many options open.

    Homer has the right idea.

    Then again she loves the video for ‘Tainted Love’ when done by Marilyn Manson. I have no idea why…


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    @onlyonepinman – also, she needs to be pale! Nagaski tan or what?


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    I’m painting Elves while this is gracing my ears


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    Yeah, I think a lot of people obsess over having a tan or accentuating one. Pale can still be beautiful, if that weren’t true the Irish would likely have ceased to exist centuries ago. So would jocks and northerners.


    Man, those Infinity miniatures look sweet.  Haven’t started mine yet. When is the paint going on?


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    @unclejimmy :

    Is that Elvis with a gun ?

    Could be a clone … they do that in Infinity, right ?

    One of the very few times a modern re-mix is kind of cool.


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    Well folks that’s me done for the day. I already stayed up later than I know I should, especially since my lovely daughter was up at 5:30 this morning and will likely do so again tomorrow (today?).

    I managed to get these done – start to finish – while I have been enjoying your company this evening. I just need to base them but that is a job for another day because my bed is calling me.


    And one last silly Sesame St picture for the day


    Take me on a trip upon your magic swirling ship
    My senses have been stripped
    My hands can’t feel to grip
    My toes too numb to step
    Wait only for my boot heels to be wandering
    I’m ready to go anywhere, I’m ready for to fade
    Into my own parade
    Cast your dancing spell my way, I promise to go under it

    Good night everybody



    @onlyonepinman yeah that board comes in the Shattered Stormvault set, along with a deck of cards that have layouts for the terrain (so you randomise the battlefield for games).

    @unclejimmy yeah not a batrep but some insight. Really enjoying the Cypher Lords, who are a fast warband, lightly armoured, and have reach weapons, meaning you can run into groups on enemy fighters, tie them up, and trigger a aoe attack (in this case you hit everyone in range).

    The Splintered Fang my friend was using were not as fast on foot, had a little bit of range, but the key to them was an ability they can trigger that makes is easy for them to wound. Not in the context of the random mission parameters, one we drew, the twist, was basically wind of Nurgle, so everyone is tougher. Now this really made my life hard killing his warband, but in reverse he had this basic ability for his whole warband he could trigger – super annoying!

    Now his mission over all was to kill a specific warband member on mine, and I just played silly buggers using the teleportation and movement abilities. So in the Cypher Lords there are two models, the leader and the champion, who have the ability to pick a minion model within 12″, and have them be placed near them. Now in the context of the mission I had two models that could ping the mission objective fighter out of range and deny the victory.

    Overall a close game, and really got into the guts of the two warbands. The great thing was really that the mission system of the game mixes terrain layout, with deployment, and mission objective and a twist, meaning everytime the game is different, and you have to be really adaptable to the variations.

    I think the most interesting bit of insight was that the Splintered Fang can in theory rage on the Iron Golems and other high toughness warbands with easy. You may not being dealing lots of damage per hit, but the amount that do hit means you will take them out with a death of a thousand cuts style.



    2019-09-14 (3)

    Put together my Necromunda Enforcers. Some nice poses and did a couple of basic conversions and weapon swaps. So the grenade launcher is one customization as I don’t want to wait for the resin kit. Prime and basecoat tomorrow – either white armour or yellow.


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    @doctorether those card game boards are a big step up from kill team. There’s some really nice artwork on there. I haven’t played Warcry yet although we have a box here. I do fancy having a go with the Splintered Fang simply because I like the models. But I also really like the Cypher Lords too, you basically played with both my favourite warbands.


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    Yesterday I was busy with other stuff and got fuck all squared done except build this guy…


    Should get more stuff done today.  I’ve also been making Smurf jizz… but more on that later!



    Hi All!
    Not much accomplished thus far. I blame the fulltime job, six credits of university, and 16 acres full of fall chores.

    I’ve got the battle boards waiting in the garage, and will get to them in the next few hours:

    I got some paint down on my starship crew, and will hopefully do more on them today after cleaning up the yard.


    Apologies for the shit picture. I’ll try and take better ones later.

    @doctorether that’s a sweet setup for Warcry. A bunch of guys have taken to playing it at our Wednesday night pub/painting sessions. They get a few games in in an evening! Do they all play that fast? Also, there didn’t seem to be a lot of setup time, as there is with most GW games.

    I like the look of those Enforcers. It’s so refreshing seeing space marine type models without bell bottoms. If I was going to use them in a different game I would likely go with a head swap, though.

    @unclejimmy more great Infinity stuff. I like the Ariadna as mercenary ground pounder PC’s. I’m doing a near future game so ‘Elvis’ may be a bit too futuristic looking. I do want buckets of those O-12 aliens however. When I get a chance I’ll be doing some window shopping at the site. They remind me of the aliens Dreamforge has in the works. They haven’t gone to kickstarter yet but they look amazing.

    Looks like you’ve been overruled by the residential sergeant major, who wants blue on the gun tractors.

    @onlyonepinman beautiful job on those mini’s! I like the colour scheme. Can we get a closer look? Did you use contrast paints again?

    Thanks for the Sesame Street giggles. Made my day!

    @robert get on with that nurgly APC. No excuses. I need to see it painted! 🙂

    Tunes this morning

    Back to work. The cats haven’t been much help.


    Scipio is only 4 months old (grey and white) but is already huge. He will be a beast like his dad when he grows into those long lanky meat hooks. I should start being nicer to him.


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    VVF Promo SLide 02

    Good afternoon ~  Apologies I haven’t been participating, and forgive the intrusion, but just in case anyone is interested:

    Come join us at Sitrep Podcast LIVE STREAM for a look at B Company, 3rd Para on the southern slope of Mount Longdon during the Falklands War.  This assault was made on the night of 11-12 June 1982, and today we’ll see if the British can carry the day again (or technically – carry the night).

    Sitrep Podcast Twitch

    • Sunday, September 15
    • 9:00 UK Time
    • 4:00 East US Time
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