Del Torro Brings Us Machines vs Monsters

April 27, 2013 by dracs

Lately it seems that film makers have realised that we geeks have money too as another great film, with wargaming potential, is soon to be released. It is one of my most keenly awaited films this year; Pacific Rim.

Pacific Rim Poster

Directed by the master of movie macabre Guillermo del Torro, who was behind films such as the Hellboy movies and Pan's Labyrinth, Pacific Rim draws upon Japanese Kaiju (monster movies) and mecha film traditions, bringing these to a more western style of film making. There even seems to be a little bit of a Cthulhu element, which would make sense given that del Torro's dream project is a film of the Mountains of Madness.

Pacific Rim Monster

If there is anyone who can make this film, without it becoming just another brainless action blockbuster it is del Torro, and I would not be surprised if people started making miniature gaming rules based around the film. Massive machines fighting massive monsters around cities and seas? Its a geek's dream come true.

My one problem is that the voice of the machines' AI is provided by Ellen McLain, the woman behind the voice of GLaDOS, the homicidal AI from the Portal games. "You will now kill the monsters and then there will be cake."

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