Guild Ball’s Butchers Get a New Mascot for Season Two

August 13, 2015 by dracs

Rich Lomax appeared on the Guild Ball Informer show, where he let slip an interesting new addition for the Butcher's Guild coming to Guild Ball in Season Two. Meet their new mascot, Truffles!


Wow, look at this size of this little piggy! Truffles will apparently be sitting on a 40mm size base and, as you might guess from looking at him, will be damn near immovable. Apparently he will serve as a tank and victory point denier. No one's turning him into sausages any time soon.

This is the second mascot we have seen for Season 2, following the reveal of Strongbox for The Union.


These larger, bulkier mascots will definitely change how players try to win in Guild Ball and it looks like Steamforged is doing a good job at coming up with interesting and creative designs for them.

What do you think the other guilds' mascots will be like?

"No one's turning him into sausages any time soon..."

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