Start A New Guild Ball Team With Revamped Boxed Sets

June 19, 2017 by brennon

A selection of new boxed sets for Guild Ball is going to be released on the 21st June onwards. So, if you're looking to get yourself a new team then you might want to check out these Revamped Sets for a number of different Guilds from Steamforged Games.


Each of the sets comes with a number of players for you to start forming a team as well as all of the cards that you need and a ball marker too.



With six players to choose from between the different sets it gives you a few options when it comes to building a team. As well as this it includes some of the newer miniatures in the range as well as some old favourites.



With the summer coming up and more opportunities for you to get some gaming in with friends, it might also be the time to start yourself a new team. I have to admit that the Hunter's Guild do look rather awesome.



Each of the sets still feature the metal players that they've had in past versions. However, you might begin to see them turning into plastic sets in the future.

Does one of these teams take your fancy or are you a solid supporter of just one faction in the world of Guild Ball?

Let us know below...

"I have to admit that the Hunter's Guild do look rather awesome..."

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