Secret Weapon Starts to Lay Down Their Urban Streets

April 25, 2013 by dracs

Over on their kickstarter the first renders for Secret Weapon's Urban Street Tablescape tiles have appeared to give you an idea of what life will be like on the main street.

Tablescapes - Urban Street Renders

The roads  and pavements are displaying a nice degree of ware, giving the streets a more realistic appearance. I particularly like that they added a little drain cover in the middle of the road. Just what you need if you happen to be a ninja turtle.

Secret Weapon have also put out this illustrated piece to give us all an idea of the scale of these roads for our wargames.

Tablescapes - Roads Scale

The Tablescape kickstarter is showing a lot of promise and these tiles will make for some cool and transportable gaming environments to play across. These Urban Streets will, I think, be among their more popular ones, as there is something undeniably cool about your warfare raging through the streets of an abandoned city.

If you want to pound these pavements, be sure to head to the kickstarter now.

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