Becoming A King Of War: Finding The Right General!

November 27, 2013 by crew

Hopefully you’ve already read my previous article regarding Kings of War, if you have, you’ll know just how highly I rate the game’s two player battle set. If my memory serves me well (and it isn’t known for doing so) I can recall stating ‘With this set you’d never have to buy another miniature again’. Honestly I think that’s true; the set comes with everything you need to play Kings of War, a Rulebook, dice and the small detail of 108 miniatures is enough to quench anyone’s thirst for the hobby.

Undead Vs Orcs

Let’s face it though; you can never have too many miniatures in your collection. But as soon as you begin telling yourself this, it is quite clear the hobby has it’s claws in you, and from that moment onwards there is no turning back.

So, in an attempt to acquire more models, I managed to increase the figure count to 110 by adding an Orc Warlord, ‘Krudger’, and ‘Lady Ilona’, a Vampire Lord, to the collection. This meant that both factions within the two player starter set would have a leader as well as adding more flavour and depth to the game.

Orc Warlord

Starting with Krudger, he is the embodiment of the word leader. When constructed, he is posed with a swinging great-axe which reflects his astonishing 5 attacks per turn in game. Draped in a wolf’s pelt, he stands out amongst his kin, and shows us he is no mere foot-soldier. His armour appears slightly elegant, finer crafted than that of a common Orc, yet it does not appear unused. Small scars, chinks and worn sections of armour show us the mighty warlord has not gained his position through birth-right, but has instead proven his prowess in battle to gain command.

This miniature is fantastic on the battlefield (you can see just how great he is by downloading the free Orc Army list from the Mantic Games website!) but Krudger is also one for the painters and collectors too. When he isn’t slaying his foes, he’ll look wonderful in any display case.

Vampire Ilona

Lady Ilona is a frightening figure; a tall, deadly, vampire, cleaving a broadsword from above her head. When she commands an army of the undead, her posture suggests she is leading a horde of ghouls or zombies into the rank and file of the forces of good. The sword, ready to swing down from above her, shows she is ready to hack and slash through anyone who dares to stand in her way. Her dress, flailing in the wind, illustrates the speed at which she is charging towards her foes.

On the battlefield she is an impressive character. Bolstering eight attacks per turn and a movement speed that rivals some cavalry, Ilona can be lethal, causing entire battle lines to quiver in their boots before her. The only major downside to this is the incredibly high point cost for the addition of just a single miniature to the field. However this simply amplifies how powerful Ilona is in combat.

In conclusion, these two characters compliment the two player battle set brilliantly. I would honestly recommend adding them to your collection because an inspiring leader really brings an army alive.

If you’d like to know more about these two miniatures, or more about Kings of War as a whole, you can visit and download the core rules and army listings for any force you choose, absolutely free.

Orc Army List

Undead Army List

What do you think of these two leaders? I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions on them.

Kieran Merigo

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