A Host Of Sci-Fi Knight Heads Roll Out Of Kromlech

December 14, 2017 by dracs

Kromlech has released a whole bunch of new head options, featuring different patterns for your Sci-Fi legionaries. First, there are the Destroyer and Veteran Destroyer heads.


Veteran Destroyer

With their studded crest designs, these heads have a rather brutal look to them. Following on from them are the Iron and Veteran Iron heads.

Iron Heads

Veteran Iron

This time the heads have a slightly more old-fashioned, industrial look to them. You could imagine them being worn by troops in a gaseous, nightmare planet, and that they might one day warp into something far more disgusting.

Lastly, we have the Raven and Veteran Raven heads.


Veteran Raven

These heads are far sleeker and more fearsome than the previous, colder options. With that beak designs, they look like their most dangerous attack would be a simple headbutt!

Kromlech's large selection of head options means you can tailor your army to reflect the style and tactics you like to go for. I particularly like that they have released Veteran variants as well, letting you set up characters and unit champions, while keeping to your army's theme.

Which of these head options would you use?

"Veteran variants let you set up characters and unit champions while keeping to your army's theme..."

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