Find Out What Happened to the 8th Doctor in BBC’s Prequel

November 14, 2013 by dracs

The 50th anniversary episode of sci-fi's longest running TV show Doctor Who is fast approaching and some answers are finally starting to appear as the BBC release a prequel mini episode entitled The Night of the Doctor.

What's got me so excited about this? Paul McGann is back as the 8th Doctor!

8th Doctor

Wow, he's looking rather more ragged than he was in the movie. I mean yeah it was bad and all, but I didn't think it would leave the Doctor like that.

The prequel, written by Steven Moffat, sees the 8th Doctor attempting to save the pilot of a crashing ship. Fairly everyday stuff for the Doctor, right?

Night of the Doctor

Except this time, upon discovering that the Doctor is a Time Lord, the pilot refuses to be saved.

It turns out that the Time War between the Time Lords and the Daleks has almost destroyed the universe and while the Doctor has remained aloof from it until now, its consequences have led to him being feared and hated as much as any Dalek.

They end up crashing, falling into the hands of a mysterious group of women, apparently Time Lords themselves. And the rest you shall have to watch.


This little prequel sets a decidedly dark tone for the upcoming anniversary special. More importantly, it provides us with some solid answers to things which fans have been asking since the show's return in 2005.

It is so cool to see one of the classic Doctors return to the role. It was unfortunate that Paul McGann's time as the Doctor (on television at least) was limited to the pretty awful movie, especially considering how good he was in the subsequent audio productions. Still it is good to see his Doctor given a proper send off and set the stage for the feature length special.

Is anyone else psyched about the 5oth Anniversary special?

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