Artel W Release Fallen Hunters & Unforgiving Harbingers

September 3, 2018 by brennon

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Artel W Miniatures continue to release some stunning models which would be perfect additions to your Warhammer 40,000 force. Firstly we have Inquisitor Gregor, sculpted by Konstantin Ivanov.

Gregor - Artel W Miniatures

Inquisitor Gregor looks like the perfect model to pick up if you're getting into some role-playing like Wrath & Glory. He would also make for a perfect character model in your games of Kill Team! Imagine this fellow leading the way at the head of an Astra Militarum squads, facing off against deadly daemons.

Whispers From The Void...

The narrative spins itself as we look towards the next of their new releases, The Fallen. Do you recognise him?

Fallen - Artel W Miniatures

Maybe in the pursuit of heretics, Inquisitor Gregor has himself been exposed to the darkness one too many times? You could play a handful of scenarios with Gregor as he battles against Chaos forces only for him to suddenly be leading a warband of Daemons or Cultists instead, possibly his own men!

I love the story told here in these two miniatures and the fact that it immediately pushes a narrative just adds to the 'shiny syndrome'.

Burn The Heretic!

I would imagine this Unforgiving Chaplain might have a few words to say to Gregor now he has fallen to Chaos. This miniature is bloomin' awesome...

Chaplain #1 - Artel W Miniatures

Sculpted by Stepan Kotlyarov, this massive Chaplain is ready to crunch forward through the unworthy so that he can lay waste to daemons by the dozen. You could imagine just how evocative this would look when painted, the gleaming skeletal bone standing out against the black of his armour.

The kit comes with a few options too including an unhelmeted version of the character. If you were so inclined you could even change this fellow up from being a Loyalist to a Traitor Word Bearer!

Chaplain #2 - Artel W Miniatures

I think I'd mix things up and have this character with the hammer and scroll but wearing the helmet. I think it adds more to his grim visage as he glowers down at everyone around him with contempt and burning hatred.

Chaplains have always been the one part of the Space Marine force that I have been drawn to the most. I love their zealous nature and when combined with a Chapter like the Black Templars you have the perfect 'terrible' paladins of the grimdark future.

What do you think of these new characters?

"Maybe in the pursuit of heretics, Inquisitor Gregor has himself been exposed to the darkness one too many times?"

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