Clash Of Spears Brings Fields Of Blood To Stain The Earth

September 25, 2020 by avernos

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The brothers behind Fighting Hedgehog and the awesome Clash of Spears have not been resting on their laurels during the last nine months they've been working away on new lists for new periods and even some new rules. The first of these is now available as a PDF the from Wargames Vault.

Clash of Spears Fields of Blood

Clash of Spears // Fields of Blood


The PDF is 38 jam-packed pages for fans of the ancient warfare game with some interesting features, as you can see above. Firstly we have the solo rules these are two narrative scenarios in keeping with Clash of Spears. The first is an attack on a Gallic camp and the second is Carthaginians attempting to spirit a Tyrant away from Greek forces on Syracuse. Each scenario is laid out over seven pages before a separate section explains how to write your own solo scenarios and what AI features you can use for your opposing forces.

Following that, we get the rules for Assault Clash. It should be pointed out that these are not full siege rules which are coming down the line, but they do a fine job in allowing forces to assault fortifications, be it a will be fascinating to see what further the brothers add to these five pages to flesh them out any further as they already do a lot of the heavy lifting.

Urban Clash is the shortest section in the booklet expanding the main books stipulation that you count buildings as impassable when rampaging through an urban area. Now you can defend buildings moving through internal rooms and up and down floors, lightly armoured troops will find fighting and climbing much easier than heavily armoured infantry so don't expect hoplites to start leaping around like in 300.

Renowned Leaders // Clash of Spears

My favourite part of the booklet is the new character skills for your Leaders. In Clash of Spears the most important model in your force is the leader, without this heroes and strategos your warband flounders and fails so they have added eight new skills, the generic one above along with a unique one for each of the following nation's leaders, Carthage, Numidian, Greek colonies, Pyrrhic expedition, Iberians, Italian tribes, Roman Republic and Gallic tribes.  My favourite currently is the Roman Tactical Co-ordination ability that essentially allows you the chance to perform some manipular drilling with fresh troops relieving the front line.

There are also several new scenarios and an alternative deployment system for people to try out in their games of Clash. Some of these rules are examples of first drafts of the direction Fighting Hedgehog is taking CoS as they develop campaign rules and it's looking very interesting indeed. The PDF is going to be kept as a living version so expect updates as they tweak and test over time.

"The PDF is 38 jam-packed pages for fans of the ancient warfare game with some interesting features, as you can see"

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