Battle With The Might Of The Macedonians From Warlord

September 16, 2019 by brennon

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Warlord Games have been expanding one of the factions available for you to play as in SPQR with a mass of new sets for those who want to try out the Macedonians!

Macedonian Heroes - Warlord Games

The new collection is looking to give you lots of different options for making not only a skirmishing force in SPQR but also a larger army if you like in Hail Caesar for example.

As there are so many different releases coming your way we’re just going to list them all out here for you to have a look at…

Cataphract Cavalry - Warlord Games

Cataphract Cavalry Command - Warlord Games

Hetairoi Cavalry - Warlord Games

Macedonian Royal Guard - Warlord Games

Pezhetairoi - Warlord Games

Pezhetairoi Command - Warlord Games

Royal Guard Command - Warlord Games

Thorakatai - Warlord Games

Thureophoroi - Warlord Games

War Elephant - Warlord Games

So, as you can see they have lots of options for core troops as well as something a little more special with the massive War Elephant also in the mix. I don’t imagine you’ll be seeing that in SPQR any time soon. 

Are you tempted to go and pick up a mighty Macedonian force?

Let us know in the comments below!

"Are you tempted to go and pick up a mighty Macedonian force?"

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