Hefty Mummified Undead Options From OnePageRules This Month

November 24, 2020 by brennon

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OnePageRules has been showing off more miniatures that you can 3D Print and use in your Fantasy wargames like Age Of Fantasy! Over on Patreon, you can now snap up a bunch of specialised Mummified Undead who are ready to take back the land of the living.

Giant Statue - OnePageRules

Giant Statue // OnePageRules

Leading the way, we have this absolutely mighty looking Giant Statue which has been summoned and imbued with power. It will be stalking near to your Lord or Lady no doubt, ready to crush anything that decides to come to close.

Talking of Lords, we also have a new Mummified Undead Lord who comes mounted atop a Skeletal Steed.

Mummy King On Skeletal Steed - OnePageRules

Mummy King On Skeletal Steed // OnePageRules

This is a rather impressive looking miniature and even though I'm not a fan of skeletal mounts (they look a bit weird!) I think they've done a good job here. I think the armour and additional accessories are well placed to get rid of some of that weirdness.

We also have a rather powerful looking spellcaster with the Mummy Priest.

Mummy Priest - OnePageRules

Mummy Priest // OnePageRules

This fellow is going to be keeping safe at the rear of your army no doubt, ready to control and resummon your massive army when it gets battered by the opposition. I like the design here which has a lot in common with the style of undead from The Mummy. That is no bad thing considering how good that film is!

Lastly, we also have this new unit of Skeleton Archers who are some seriously detailed and martial-looking undead.

Skeleton Archers - OnePageRules

Skeleton Archers // OnePageRules

I really like the amount of detail which has been worked into their faces and those cracked teeth which are finely picked out. One would hope that with the right amount of care and attention, you'd be able to pick those out during your own 3D Prints.

All of this comes together into a big package which is available on Patreon right now. All of this, plus the Alien Hives, are available for just a few more days.

Mummified Undead November - OnePageRules

Mummified Undead November // OnePageRules

All of these miniatures will eventually be available later via their MyMiniFactory Page but if you want to get in early then you can support them via Patreon.

Are you tempted by these dusty undead miniatures?

"Are you tempted by these dusty undead miniatures?"

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Supported by (Turn Off)

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