Recreate Feudal Japan With New Modular 3D Print Farmhouse

June 26, 2019 by cassn

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3D Alien Worlds are bringing new technology to old Japan, with new 3D printable STL files for a series of modular Samurai farmhouses!


Modeling their sculpts on the agricultural designs of farmhouses in feudal Japan, this modular set of designs allows players to create a wide variety of layouts and sizes of buildings.


With 18 main wall variations, along with 16 endwalls, there are almost unlimited options for tabletop creation!


The set comes with three wall finishes - vertical wood, horizontal slats with half mud walls, and full mud walls. There are also six wall shapes to choose from, including sliding screens and open shutters, four types of door, two roof types, and four flooring options! Choose from multiple options to create a Japanese farmhouse unique to your game!


The Samurai Farmhouse set is delivered as a .ZIP file containing all the STL files you need to print your own Japanese farmhouse. The files are set to 28mm format, but can easily be rescaled before printing for use in other games.


The 3D Alien Worlds Samurai Farmhouse has been designed in amazing detail, and I particularly love the attention of the sculpt of the straw on the removable roof.


The Samurai Farmhouse is currently available from the 3D Alien Worlds website. So if your weary warrior needs a place to rest his honorable head, you can check out the set here.

What type of building would you like to see created with a 3D printing sculpt? Tell us below!

"Unlimited options for tabletop creation!"

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