Puppet Masters & Carnevale Superheroes From TTCombat

September 12, 2019 by brennon

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Things get creepy in the world of Carnevale as some additional releases popped up last weekend from TTCombat. The first of these is the odd couple of Divuorafuoco & Burratino.

Burratino - TTCombat

Divuorafuoco lost his family to the great calamity and so turned to trying to create a new family of his own, crafting Burratino and now looking to seek vengeance against those who wronged him. Imbued with the spirits of the lost, Burrantio now wanders the canals and streets of Venice with his master pulled along behind him, killing anyone it likes whilst Divuorafuoco watches on in silence.

If that wasn't scary then I don't know what is! This little assassin can be taken as part of the Commedia dell'Arte and is a rather neat addition to their collection.

Party Going Superheroes?

As well as that creepy puppet we also have the return of Sun & Moon.

Sun & Moon - TTCombat

I call them superheroes mainly because no-one truly knows the identity of these individuals and as they fight alongside the Patricians they bring their own Gifted powers into play. Sun uses bolts of magical energy and speed to baffle his foes whilst Moon can use her magical abilities to transport her foes into another realm entirely before returning with a flash.

I can't think of a reason why you wouldn't want two Venetian superheroes in your collection? I mean, they might be more like supervillains depending on who you ask but they're still cool!

What do you think of these additional releases for Carnevale?

"What do you think of these additional releases for Carnevale?"

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