Venom Hero Pack Leaps Into FFG’s Marvel Champions In July!

April 7, 2021 by brennon

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Fantasy Flight Games has been previewing another hero coming to Marvel Champions later this year. Venom is getting a Hero Pack but not in the form that you might think! Designed to match up with the Guardians Of The Galaxy, Flash Thompson is getting ready to get his Space Knight on.

Venom Hero Pack - Marvel Champions

Venom Hero Pack // Marvel Champions

Armed with an array of weapons, Venom is leaping into the game with a pre-made Justice deck which seems very well suited to kick ass and stop the schemes of big bad villains. Even at the beginning of the game, Flash Thompson is able to search for guns and get them ready for use in-game. His ability in his Venom form also means that he can rock all manner of weapons and have enough resources to get them to the tabletop.

Venom seems like he is able to do plenty to mitigate the advances of the villain. Grasping Tendrils doesn't cost much at all and seems like a great way to shut down an aggressive villain. Twin that with Behind Enemy Lines which is able to keep scheming in check and add more conditions into the mix.

Venom Card Preview - Marvel Champions

Venom Card Preview // Marvel Champions

I really like heroes in Marvel Champions which are able to take on multiple roles within a game. Matched with Justice, this means that Venom is going to be a seriously deadly Hero to have on your side. He will be able to do quite a lot by himself in solo play but should shine in co-op when he can work alongside his allies (hey there Guardians!).

Working with a Symbiote Suit has its minuses though. Much like other Heroes, Venom has to put a Nemesis into the mix that could surprise him at any time. Four Enraged Symbiotes might end up jumping him at just the wrong moment and if that happens, you'll have to defeat all of them before you move on. Prepare to do some juggling!

Are you tempted to snap up Venom for use alongside the Guardians Of The Galaxy?

"Are you tempted to snap up Venom for use alongside the Guardians Of The Galaxy?"

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