Surf’s Up in Pulp City as Grimm Gravito Appears

April 18, 2014 by dracs

Pulp City's pledge manager options have just been sent out to all you backers, but there are also some awesome minis for us all to get excited about. Check out the Grimm Gravito, accompanied by the Mutant Mobsters.

Gravito and Mutant

These models match their characterful concepts perfectly and Gravito is, perhaps, an all time favourite of mine of the Grimm models.

Speaking of Grimms, we also get to see the Kickstarter exclusive Grimminion, accompanied by both of the amazing Hover Cats.

Hover Cats

Now you might notice that the cats do not have their miniguns with them. That's because Pulp Monsters have said that they will come as a separate component. Apparently they have some plans in mind for these bizarre creations.

Are you looking forward to getting stuck in to the world of Pulp City?

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